Trick or treat???

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I kinda feel like an old lady for saying this, but I really don't want to handout a bunch of crappy tooth-rotting candy! I also don't want a bunch of pissed off kids egging our house! lol! I had to do some thinking, but I think I've got it...

Basically I plan to hit up Michaels and buy a bunch of Halloween goodies! Stickers, tattoos, fangs, spiders, play-dough, bubbles... whatever they have that isn't filled with high fructose corn syrup!
Since Halloween is tomorrow I hope nobody else had the same idea, and there is still a bunch of stuff there {and at a discount ;) }
Anyone else handing out anything besides candy?

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  1. We don't really do the trick or treat thing in Spain, so I don't have to give candy. I wish we had the tradition though, I think it's really fun!


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