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I'm back from my trip and getting all caught up with everything! The most exciting thing being a great giveaway to you! I decided that getting to 200 followers is a momentous occasion, and I have all of you to thank! So, a few of the lovely ladies from my sidebar and I have put together a fun little giveaway to celebrate! Check it out.

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Insta Friday on the road.

Hey, I'm still traveling but I'm taking a much needed coffee break and thought I'd do a quick mobile insta Friday post! I'm pretty sure these are just going to clump together, so no captions today... I'm sure you can figure it out. ;)

You like me, you really like me...

So, I thought I'd take a quick break from my fun week of visiting friends and family to check in on the blog and what do I see? Oh so nifty just hit 200 followers! That's pretty awesome! There are 200 of you that think what I do is fun, or you just really like all the pictures I put up of Lilly! Either way I'm happy you are here!
I'm more than likely going to be MIA for the next week, so have a great week and I'll see you on the flip side...is that still a phrase? lol!

Oh, and for you that come for the Lilly pictures

 You're welcome!

Insta-Friday fun time!

Holy cow it's Friday! I'm so excited for the weekend!
My friend from Rhode Island is coming to town and I can't wait!

Remember how I posted about my hair frustrations?! Well, I've been trying to work on my braids...
Not too shabby right? Now if I could only keep it from falling out throughout the day...

We had some pretty amazing days here again!
Holy smokes, I can't remember the last time I had a pacifico... nice and light, and a little fruity, I didn't remember that about it. Any-who, it was a great beer for sitting in the sun!

I've been on a popcorn / kettle corn kick lately...
it's soooo delicious, and too easy to not make!

See this guy right here...
well, he's become a little hunter, so I tried putting a collar with a bell on him.
Yeah, it lasted about two hours... I tried.

This is a great thing to come home too...

especially when this is whats inside!
Aren't they so fun! AND I won them! Double score!

and, what's and insta-Friday post without a picture of one of the pups?
LOL! He didn't like being held like that at first, but as soon as I let him go he wanted back on my lap!

Well, that's all for this week!
I'm off to clean my office now... sounds fun I know! BUT, this weekend is going to be so fun! Actually the next week is going to be so fun! Like I said, my friend is coming to town = fun times! Then we are road-tripin' it up to Sacramento and I get to make my rounds visiting family and friends! I can't wait!

Hope you have an amazing weekend too!

Thrifty Thursday!

Now that we are getting settled{ish} in our new place I'm starting to get a feel for what we still need. We pretty much sold all of our furniture before we moved, so we need a lot. Lucky for me my husband is awesome and is going to build us furniture... but that takes time. Soooo, I've started hitting the thrift stores.
I was really just looking for furniture pieces, but I couldn't help but check out everything else. So, what did I find?

Clothes! Like I need anymore! lol! BUT they were super cute and only $2 a piece!

I also found a ton of fabric. I never thought to get fabric from a thrift store, but they had tons!
Some of it is super cute vintage and some is just cute. $8 for all of that! A few of those are a couple of yards each! I'm not sure what I'll do with them all yet, but I'm brainstorming!

Oh, and I got these bad boys...
Buahaha! SOOO kidding! They had these out like they were something special! I'm pretty sure that THIS is what most people think of when they think thrift store! I had to share!

But, the find of the day was this awesome mid-century table that I got for only $20!
After I got home I immediately googled it to see if I did in fact get a good deal, I knew it was well built and whatnot but I wanted to check. They are selling for $150-$300! Good deal indeed!

It's funny, when I brought it in and sat down I realized we haven't had a coffee table in years! Well, we did have one in our old house, but it was in our sitting room, not our living room, so we hardly used it. It's nice to have a coffee table again.

I think I'll hit up a few more tomorrow, there are tons of thrift stores in our town!

Anyone else find some good deals lately?

Our weekend at the beach

We have been having some perfect weather lately!
Add the beach to that and you have an amazing day!
I love having the beach so close, especially when it's so warm and sunny!!!


When we got there it was a bit full, so we had to wait a while to get in, hence the dorky awesome 'I'm bored in the car' pictures you are about to see. I don't think there could be a better place to be waiting though!

This picture kills me! Haha! 'I want out of the CAAAAARRRRRR!!!'

 Okay, now I'm cute again...

I had no idea I couldn't make a fishey-face! Seriously! Who can't make a fishey-face?
This girl right here apparently!

We made it!

So beautiful out there!

I think we're getting the beach bum look down!

So fun! One of these days I might even try to surf myself! Baby steps! We did get an annual pass, so we will be going a lot! I can't wait!

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours!

Insta-Friday time!

What a slow week it's been. Nothing too exciting, just the same ol' stuff

Lilly nibbling on the fuzz on her tennis ball. She's a freak.

Took a little drive the other night. 

Made another version of those corn fritters. This one was even easier. Grated squash, chopped onion, cornmeal, garlic, salt and pepper. Topped with avocado of course! 5 minute lunch.

We had a really lazy day this week. It was great.

and another quick lunch! So yummy!

It's been super nice the past few days! I got to get some sunning in!

Well, that's all for today. I think I'm going to go sit in the sun for awhile! Have a great weekend!

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I'm doing a giveaway today

I'm over at Tutus and Tea Parties today with a giveaway! Go check it out, it's pretty fun.

I'll even give you a peek at what I'm giving away...

So head over there and enter to win!


I seriously feel overwhelmed looking thought the beauty section on pinterest. Do people really DO their hair like that everyday?! ... seriously?!?! Am I alone in this?
I think I'm just not used to having such long hair. I try to braid my hair and feel dorky, not cute! BUT, I continue to pin, keep on trying, and hopefully one day I can be an awesome hair do-er too!

Here's some hair inspiration I've been drooling over.

seems easy-ish
Source: via Ameryn Marie on Pinterest

...seriously, that front braid kills me. I don't know whats wrong with me.

None of these seem to be too hard, but it never quite comes out right.

Oh, and I've tryed the whole scarf thing

...it never looks as cute!
One day, I will get it. Until then it's simple curls and messy buns!

Do you have any great hair tips?

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