Insta-Friday fun time!

Holy cow it's Friday! I'm so excited for the weekend!
My friend from Rhode Island is coming to town and I can't wait!

Remember how I posted about my hair frustrations?! Well, I've been trying to work on my braids...
Not too shabby right? Now if I could only keep it from falling out throughout the day...

We had some pretty amazing days here again!
Holy smokes, I can't remember the last time I had a pacifico... nice and light, and a little fruity, I didn't remember that about it. Any-who, it was a great beer for sitting in the sun!

I've been on a popcorn / kettle corn kick lately...
it's soooo delicious, and too easy to not make!

See this guy right here...
well, he's become a little hunter, so I tried putting a collar with a bell on him.
Yeah, it lasted about two hours... I tried.

This is a great thing to come home too...

especially when this is whats inside!
Aren't they so fun! AND I won them! Double score!

and, what's and insta-Friday post without a picture of one of the pups?
LOL! He didn't like being held like that at first, but as soon as I let him go he wanted back on my lap!

Well, that's all for this week!
I'm off to clean my office now... sounds fun I know! BUT, this weekend is going to be so fun! Actually the next week is going to be so fun! Like I said, my friend is coming to town = fun times! Then we are road-tripin' it up to Sacramento and I get to make my rounds visiting family and friends! I can't wait!

Hope you have an amazing weekend too!


  1. ooh those tapes! so lovely. as is your braid! :) wandered over from insta-friday...

  2. AAHH!! I just ordered washi tape yesterday for the first time. (I wish I had won them; that would have been better.) I love the assortment that you have. They're so fun and pretty. And I love getting happy mail. Happy Friday!! :)

  3. mmmmm kettle corn and yay for fun mail...I just might have to go buy some fun washi tape now...I'm so easily influenced! ps, you have gorgeous hair!

  4. Coming over from Insta Friday. Your hair is gorgeous and I am super jealous of you winning all that washi tape. I have yet to buy any but I want some so bad!!

  5. the braid is gorgeous! and so is the tape!

  6. Such a cute braid! I love it!! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  7. Just found your blog! So cute...XoXo

  8. Gosh, you have a thick and beautiful braid. I have baby fine hair, so a single braid for me looks like a pigtail for anyone else.

    I too enjoy Pacifico! An ice cold bottle on a hot day--especially at the beach--just can't be beat.


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