Bump Day: 24 Weeks!

How Far Along: 24 Weeks!

Size of the Baby: Crazy fruit comparison: the size of a cantaloupe!  In real measurements: about 12 inches head to toe and just over a pound!

Maternity Clothes: I put on a pair of maternity pants the other day, but haven't worn any out of the house yet.

Stretch marks: Nope, and I'm hoping it stays that way.

Weight gain/loss: Up 8.5 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. That means I gained 2.5 pounds this week! I guess I'm making up for the weeks of not gaining anything!
Sleep: Not too bad. I actually slept through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom two nights in a row! Woot!

Best Moment of the Week: Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinking 'Oh wow! That's a big belly!'

Movement: Baby has taken up tap dancing this week. Hopefully baby keeps it up and has a full routine when they get here and we can make tons of money because we have an 'amazing tap dancing baby'!

Symptoms: My growing belly is starting to make for a sore back, but it's nothing a great back massage can't fix!

Food Cravings:Nothing really this week.

Gender: We will see in June!
Belly Button in or out: In, but getting more shallow!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Labor Signs: Not even close.
Wedding ring on or off: On, an still roomy!

What I miss:Once again, cracking my back! When Matt gets a good crack in I can't help but be jealous!

 What I am looking forward to:Being a family! It's really sinking in now that it's going to be the three of us now. I can't wait!

Getting ready: Not much going on in that department.

Emotions: Excited.

Stupid things I have done: Hmmmm... just being forgetful!

Insta-Friday and a giveaway!

Happy Friday!
Hope you all had a great week!
Mine was a little weird, warm sun then chilly rain... but, it was good none the less!
Here's what I've been up to...

On one of the nice sunny days we took full advantage and headed to the beach!
Sat across from this guy at lunch one day... it's pretty hard to not enjoy yourself with that staring at you!
Took Lilly on a walk and Winston decided he wanted to come too! He followed us the whole way!
Got a big box from Amazon, what could it be...
Oh yeah! This prego lady is sleeping good now! {minus the trips to the bathroom and turning from side to side}
Decided to wear my hand painted Lagunitas shirt even though I'm pregnant... a little weird, but I love the shirt!
We made vegan sushi with fried tempeh... YUM! It was so good! It will for sure be on the menu again soon!

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these days...in the garden

We have been spending quite a bit of our time in the garden lately. Our winter crops are in full swing and we are starting to prep our space for what will be an amazing summer crop!

When we moved into this house back in July the yard was a bare lot. Not even a weed was growing in the dead, sad dirt.

The first thing we did, after bringing our potted plants we had already, was plant native plants and wild flowers all over. It was absolutely amazing how fast they took off and how full and happy our yard started to look!

Now most of the flowers are gone, and have been replaced with beautiful winter vegetables. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, sugar peas, carrots, beets, artichokes, berries, lots of lettuce and a few other greens of sorts.

Kule really likes the garden too! His favorite thing to do is sit in the patches of wild flowers. 

All those little sprouts coming up on the side there? That's our cover crop getting the soil ready for planting all our summer fruits and veggies! I can hardly wait for tomatoes and all the goodness summer brings! Like those artichokes down there... THAT is going to be amazing!

Our yard has become a hangout for all kinds of bees, butterflies and birds too! It's fun having these little guys come and visit. I think we need to make them a bird bath next!

They LOVE the sunflowers! We had so many before, now there are only a few left. It's just about time to start planting some more!

Bump Day - 23 weeks!

How Far Along: 23 Weeks!

Size of the Baby: Crazy fruit comparison: the size of a grapefruit!  In real measurements: about 11.5 inches head to toe and just over a pound!

Maternity Clothes: Wearing my 'big' and 'stretchy' clothes only now.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Weight gain/loss: Up 6 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
Sleep: Well, it's uncomfortable, and for sure not sleeping through the night anymore. I did splurge on one of those crazy pregnancy pillows this week! It's helping, and pretty cozy, but getting in and out of it is a task! lol!

Best Moment of the Week: At our last appointment when we went to listen to the heartbeat baby kicked the stethoscope straight on! Baby kept it up the whole time too! It was pretty funny.

Movement: So much! I can actually see my stomach moving now! It's crazy!

Symptoms: Nothing new this week.

Food Cravings: Guacamole! I had to make a trip to the store just for this, so worth it!

Gender: Still not finding out!...and totally happy with the decision to wait! I thought it might drive me crazy, but it's not!

Belly Button in or out: In, but getting more shallow!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Labor Signs: Not even close.
Wedding ring on or off: On, an still roomy!

What I miss: I think I'm over 'missing' things... at least for now.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing our baby! It's so crazy trying to think of what our little one will look like. I can't wait to find out!

Getting ready: Just reading baby books, lots of them!

Emotions: Happy to be getting my 'big belly' going!

Stupid things I have done: Hmmmm... just being forgetful!

Happy Valentines Day!

We usually don't make a a big deal out of V-Day, so it's not a huge day here. But, it's a fun day to share love anyways. Oh, and a good reason to make blueberry pancakes on a Thursday morning!

Also, this year I signed up for a Valentines swap and got paired up with Meghan from eat.live.make.  It's been so fun getting to know her a little bit, and really fun reading her blog! Plus, she sent me such a cute package of really fun and thoughtful gifts!

Super cute re-usable snack bags, a really fun necklace and even a little something for Lilly!

She really didn't want to have her picture taken! LOL!

Oh, and she also sent along a really cute Valentines coupon booklet. She has it available to download on the blog too! Check it out!

Hope you all had {or are having} a great V-day full of love!

Bump Day 22 Weeks!

How Far Along: 22 Weeks!

Size of the Baby: About the size of a papaya!  In real measurements: about 11 inches head to toe and officially up to a whole pound!!!

Maternity Clothes: Still resisting, but wearing lots of sweats at home now!

Stretch marks: Nope.

Weight gain/loss: Up a total of 4.5 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
Sleep: I had a few nights of restless sleep this week, but besides that, it hasn't been too bad.

Best Moment of the Week: Baby has been kicking Matt when he touches my belly! It's like baby knows he's there!

Movement: Baby has been kicking and rolling so much! I love that the little peanut is so active!

Symptoms: My belly is getting so tight! Twisting and bending have become a challenge! I've tried stretching, but that only helps for a little bit. 

Food Cravings: Chocolate! I have never wanted chocolate cake so much as I have this week! We have been doing a healthy chocolate 'ice cream' instead. {Frozen bananas + Walnuts + Coconut milk + Cacao powder} all blended together = delicious! AND it's all good for you, so I don't feel bad in the least bit!

Gender: Still not finding out!...and totally happy with the decision to wait! I thought it might drive me crazy, but it's not!

Belly Button in or out: In, but getting more shallow!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Labor Signs: Not even close.
Wedding ring on or off: On, an still roomy!

What I miss: Cracking my back! The whole not being able to twist thing has really messed that up!

What I am looking forward to: Our next appointment is this weekend, and we get to listen to babys heartbeat again! It's so much fun to hear it!

Getting ready: I've been starting a baby registry online... it takes forever! What do I really need? How many do I need? Oh, and finding cute gender neutral stuff is pretty hard at the 'go to' baby places! I have found some cute handmade things on ETSY though!!!

Emotions: So happy to have this little peanut growing more everyday!

Stupid things I have done: Can't think of anything specific this week.


What have I been up to? {besides growing a baby!} Let's see...

Came up with this wonderful concoction! Vegan Mac'n'Cheese! Seriously, this was so good, and good for you!The sauce was all raw, and the pasta was brown rice noodles! YUM!
Matt got me some speed load bits for my impact gun... pretty romantic, right?!
Lot's of cozy movie nights in this chilly weather!
Started making baby hats for the little peanut... I may have gone overboard one day and made like 5!... Maybe.
Another yummy and good for you dinner! Black eyed pea tacos on homemade corn tortillas!
A new planner! It's helping with the baby brain I've got going on!
Broccoli... from our garden!!!
FINALLY got around to making some new curtains for the kitchen! This has been a LONG time in the making!
Of course some snuggle time with Lilly.
AND juice! Those greens, from the garden! They are huge too!

Well, that sums it up, as far as instagram is concerned anyways! Happy Friday!

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If you can't laugh at yourself...

I just came across these pictures from my cousins wedding. I got a pretty good laugh out of them, so I thought you would too!

Apparently when told to make a funny face this is what I come up with!

Matt says the last one looks like I just smelled a fart! I really don't know what it's all about! Lol!

Hope that brightened your Tuesday!

Bump Day 21 Weeks!

How Far Along: 21 Weeks!

Size of the Baby: This week I've seen baby be compared to a pomegranate and a carrott! Lol! Seriously, where are they getting these fruit comparisons!?! In real measurements: about 12 ounces and around 10.5 inches head to toe!

Maternity Clothes: No, but I did rock some pants unbuttoned the other day! lol!

Stretch marks: Nope.

Weight gain/loss: Up 3 pounds this week! I must be making up for loosing some last week!
Sleep:With more pillows it's getting better, but now the 'I have to pee' thing is starting to wake me up at night!

Best Moment of the Week: Having people ask if I'm pregnant! This was the first week anyone has said anything. I guess I'm pass the 'chubby' stage!
Movement:Baby has started either gator rolling or body slamming my insides whenever I eat. It feels pretty funny, but I love it!

Symptoms: I am soooo sleepy! The past few days I have wanted to nap so badly every afternoon. Baby must be on a growth spurt!

Food Cravings: Not really.

Gender: We aren't finding out until little one comes!I keep thinking I'll start to 'know' what baby is, but not yet!

Belly Button in or out: In. I have what is probably the deepest belly button in the world! I'm not sure if it will ever be 'out', it does seem to be getting more shallow though.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Labor Signs: Not even close. Although I do feel the braxton hicks contractions sometimes. It's crazy watching your stomach ball up, so weird!

Wedding ring on or off: On.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach!

What I am looking forward to:Meeting this baby! Every week seems to be going by so fast, but June still seems so far away!

Getting ready: We have been on an organizing and purging spree! Our dining room is full of boxes to take to goodwill. We need to make some space for baby things!

Emotions: I'm doing good! Just happy!

Stupid things I have done: Today I put my atm card in the machine and then continued to franticly search for my atm card! I felt pretty stupid on that one!

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Once again, thank you guys so much! I'm so excited to have you all here!
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Good Luck!

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