What have I been up to? {besides growing a baby!} Let's see...

Came up with this wonderful concoction! Vegan Mac'n'Cheese! Seriously, this was so good, and good for you!The sauce was all raw, and the pasta was brown rice noodles! YUM!
Matt got me some speed load bits for my impact gun... pretty romantic, right?!
Lot's of cozy movie nights in this chilly weather!
Started making baby hats for the little peanut... I may have gone overboard one day and made like 5!... Maybe.
Another yummy and good for you dinner! Black eyed pea tacos on homemade corn tortillas!
A new planner! It's helping with the baby brain I've got going on!
Broccoli... from our garden!!!
FINALLY got around to making some new curtains for the kitchen! This has been a LONG time in the making!
Of course some snuggle time with Lilly.
AND juice! Those greens, from the garden! They are huge too!

Well, that sums it up, as far as instagram is concerned anyways! Happy Friday!

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  1. wait wait wait. Vegan mac n cheese?! I need that recipe for sure. And I can't believe that the Broccoli came from your garden!!!!


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