Happy Valentines Day!

We usually don't make a a big deal out of V-Day, so it's not a huge day here. But, it's a fun day to share love anyways. Oh, and a good reason to make blueberry pancakes on a Thursday morning!

Also, this year I signed up for a Valentines swap and got paired up with Meghan from eat.live.make.  It's been so fun getting to know her a little bit, and really fun reading her blog! Plus, she sent me such a cute package of really fun and thoughtful gifts!

Super cute re-usable snack bags, a really fun necklace and even a little something for Lilly!

She really didn't want to have her picture taken! LOL!

Oh, and she also sent along a really cute Valentines coupon booklet. She has it available to download on the blog too! Check it out!

Hope you all had {or are having} a great V-day full of love!


  1. The husband and I stayed home, watched tv in bed, and brought home our fav Mexican food from some hole in the wall place around where we live. And I have 2 Jack Russells too! They are such great dogs! -Jessica L


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