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We have been spending quite a bit of our time in the garden lately. Our winter crops are in full swing and we are starting to prep our space for what will be an amazing summer crop!

When we moved into this house back in July the yard was a bare lot. Not even a weed was growing in the dead, sad dirt.

The first thing we did, after bringing our potted plants we had already, was plant native plants and wild flowers all over. It was absolutely amazing how fast they took off and how full and happy our yard started to look!

Now most of the flowers are gone, and have been replaced with beautiful winter vegetables. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, sugar peas, carrots, beets, artichokes, berries, lots of lettuce and a few other greens of sorts.

Kule really likes the garden too! His favorite thing to do is sit in the patches of wild flowers. 

All those little sprouts coming up on the side there? That's our cover crop getting the soil ready for planting all our summer fruits and veggies! I can hardly wait for tomatoes and all the goodness summer brings! Like those artichokes down there... THAT is going to be amazing!

Our yard has become a hangout for all kinds of bees, butterflies and birds too! It's fun having these little guys come and visit. I think we need to make them a bird bath next!

They LOVE the sunflowers! We had so many before, now there are only a few left. It's just about time to start planting some more!


  1. your post has me dreaming of spring! our garden is under several inches of snow!

    new follower :)
    Lindsey @

  2. incredibly jealous of this garden. we always try to plant one and then everything dies :(

  3. Hi, I am a new follower to your lovely blog (Via GFC)and it really feel pleasure meeting new awesome bloggers like you, Found you through the Bloghop "Whatever Whenever Wednesday".

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  4. What beautiful pictures! You're garden is doing great for winter, mine usually dies off completely. Nice work :) Also, your kitty is SO adorable... I've just stumbled across your blog from the GFC Collective, happy to be your newest follower :)
    Kitty & Buck

  5. Your garden looks amazing! I wish that we had a garden, but sadly we have no where we can plant one that our dogs won't tear into :(

  6. Your garden is is Kule!


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