The Vintage Honey Teething Necklace

I've got to tell you guys about the greatest thing I've found in a while.
Teething necklaces! And I'm not talking about the ones you see all the babies wearing now (although, those are pretty great too) I'm talking about super cute ones that YOU get to wear, and your baby gets to chomp on, without worry of it breaking or scratching them.

The Vintage Honey Shop sent me a ridiculously cute necklace to test out, and I just LOVE it! First off they chose the perfect color for me, I'm not sure if they are mind readers or what, but it's exactly what I would've picked myself! It's a grey, cream and yellow damask... perfection.

After admiring the perfect print for a while, I tied it on and Sage instantly grabbed a hold and gave it a thorough inspection. He then chewed on it for a few minutes... it worked. He was chomping on something other than the straps of the carrier or my hair! Woot!

So, he liked it, which was important, but was I going to like wearing it? I already had on of those silicone teething necklaces, which I did like, but it was sometimes a pain to wear... literally, it would stick to my hair and that really isn't much fun. But, The Vintage Honey teething necklace ties on with a soft ribbon, so no hair pulling at all. Plus, because it tied on I could adjust the length to fit perfectly. I also really like how light weight it is. I hardly notice that I'm wearing it most of the time. (unless there is a 21 pound baby pulling at the other end of it)

The other great thing about the necklace is it doesn't necessarily look like a 'teething' necklace. I've had people tell me how cute my necklace is, and then a few minutes later (when Sage is chomping away) go 'OH! Is that made for him to chew?! That's so awesome!' So, I guess it could just be a necklace, but it's great that it's both!

Did I mention that they package it up so stinking cute?! I felt like I was opening a birthday present or something. This would be such a sweet thing to have sent to an expecting or new mom as a gift. It would make her day, and everyday after that, because she will probably wear it all the time!... I do!

So, if you are a mom, or know someone that is I highly recommend checking out The Vintage Honey Shop. They have tons of necklaces on their site, and some of them are even organic! Plus they make bracelets and nursing scarfs (which really you could wear anytime too) that are just as cute as the necklaces.

Cloth Diaper LOVE Giveaway

Today I have a really fun giveaway that all you fellow crunchy (and even not so crunchy) moms (or dads) are going to love! BabyKicks is giving away a Valentines themed cloth diaper bundle right now. Check out the goodies and how you can enter below. Also, if you want to see what I think about my BabyKicks diapers checkout my review here. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I am a BabyKicks Ambassador. I receive products and compensation in exchange for promoting their wonderful products. All opinions, ideas and cute little fluffy bums are property of Sunshine Praises and can not be altered in any manner. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or any other social media outlet.
Welcome to the #BabyKicksLOVE Valentine's Instagram Giveaway
This fun and unique giveaway is designed to let us show how hot our passion burns for fluffy cloth diapered buns on Instagram. Help us spread the cloth diaper love in photos!
Entries are fun and simple! All you have to do is add a daily picture of your favorite cloth diaper or accessory based on that days theme, then come back here and put the link in the daily entry option. Make sure you use the hashtag #BabyKicksLOVE and tag @BabyKicksOrganic in the description.
The Details
  • Your Instagram profile must be public for us to verify your picture.
  • You DO NOT have to own a BabyKicks diaper or purchase one to participate.
  • You can post one picture or ten. Whatever your heart desires.
  • We would love you to follow @SunshinePraises & @Shull2319 and tag us in your photos.
  • Spread the love farther by using the hashtag #clothdiapers
Pictures can be posted daily using the following themes! Feel free to get creative. Use digital stickers, text and clip art. I love the apps Instacollage, A Beautiful Mess and Photogrid. (Have other suggestions? Leave them in the comments.) Do whatever you want to show your #BabyKicksLOVE
The Prize
One lucky reader will win a Valentine's themed prize pack from BabyKicks. You will recieve the super rare (they only made these for one month) PINK Fitted Diaper, a RED Basic Pocket Diaper and a Multi Pack of Red/Pink/Ivory Washies.
Enter Here
We can't wait to see all your #BabyKicksLOVE photos!

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