Happy Halloween!!!

So, my Halloween is going to be pretty mild, watching a movie and handing out not-candy. As for the movie selection, I'm a big fat wuss, and hate super scary movies! They give me the heeby jeebies and then I can't be alone in the dark for weeks! Sooo, here are some of my favorite maybe creepy but not too scary Halloween movies...

Okay, that last one is a little scary, but I've seen it a few times, so I can handle it. I think I'm going to go with Addams Family this year. It's been a while since I've seen it!

What's your favorite Halloween movie?

Trick or treat???

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I kinda feel like an old lady for saying this, but I really don't want to handout a bunch of crappy tooth-rotting candy! I also don't want a bunch of pissed off kids egging our house! lol! I had to do some thinking, but I think I've got it...

Basically I plan to hit up Michaels and buy a bunch of Halloween goodies! Stickers, tattoos, fangs, spiders, play-dough, bubbles... whatever they have that isn't filled with high fructose corn syrup!
Since Halloween is tomorrow I hope nobody else had the same idea, and there is still a bunch of stuff there {and at a discount ;) }
Anyone else handing out anything besides candy?


It's been almost a week since I've even looked at my blog! I think I forgot that I was doing a post every day for this month thing, and then apparently that I have a blog at all! Jeez!

I wish I could tell you my absence has been because of something awesome like 'My new giraffe is taking up all my time!' But, it's not. {that would be pretty awesome though}

Truth be told, I have been just plain ol' overwhelmed. And with what you ask? Nothing out of the ordinary. I think between the weather change, playing catch-up after being gone, and trying to get our house in order I just have a lot going through my head. BUT, today seems to be a little clearer.

I'm not going to finish this months 31 day challenge, it's too much and I'm obviously slacking! I will however keep posting the usual and hopefully fun posts! Plus, it's almost November... MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! It also just so happens to be my favorite time of the year! My birthday, thanksgiving, pumpkin pie!!! I can't wait!

18: Make something

So, I've been MIA for about a week, sorry. We took an unplanned visit to help out some family. But, I'm back and ready to finish up this month of happy healthy blogging. I'm not going to try and make up for the time gone, so lets just say that the past week was helping out someone who needs it, spending time with family and catching up with friends!

Now for today, make something. I have had crochet on the brain lately! So, I've been making lots of fun stuff. I made a few gifts for cousins new little babies, Matt requested a new hat (turned out pretty good), I'm working on a hat for someone else and trying to figure out finishing touches on a scarf I made last week.
It feels good to be making things. Even better to finish them! I'm pretty bad at starting things and not finishing them, but I'm getting better! I think the best part about the things I've been making is that they are for other people. I'm not the only one who gets to enjoy them! I just realized how close Christmas is too, so I need to kick it into gear!

What are you making right now? I think I'm going to start making dinner!

Day 10: Listen to the rain

Today it rained here. I got to just sit and listen to the rain! It was awesome! So of course I decided to make it my happy thing of the day!

 I know I'm not alone in loving the sound of rain. It's so soothing and I think that since it doesn't happen a lot {here anyways} it makes it more special! Then, after the rain when you go outside and the air just smells so great! I love it!

Day 9: Pamper yourself

There are so many ways you can pamper yourself, like a bubble bath, or getting a massage, or getting your hair done. Today I chose a very simple way to pamper myself. I gave myself a manicure. This is something I rarely do anymore because I get so mad when they chip, but I love having my nails painted! Plus I got a new very 'fall' color and a new top coat that I wanted to put to the test!

Almost as good as going to get them done, but without the horrible smell of a nail salon!

What's your favorite way to pamper yourself?

7 & 8: Juicing and Vitamins!

Okay... I'm a slacker! I didn't post yesterday, so I'm doubling up today!
Since I'm doubling up, I picked to things that kinda go together.
First, juicing! It's so so so good for you!

Not only do you get all the nutrients, and much faster, but could you imagine actually eating everything you could drink in a juice?! I mean, I like kale, but I don't think I want to spend a few hours chewing away at a whole bunch of it! Want to know a little more about juicing? Check out this post I did about it here.

Now for the vitamins! I take vitamins just to supplement my diet. I try {sometimes i forget} to take a multi vitamin, a B vitamin supplement and Vitamin C everyday. I take C for lots of other things too! If I'm feeling a cold coming on I down the C, if I have a rash or bug bites I take C {it's a natural anti-histamine} even if I'm just feeling out of it I usually up my C. There are other vitamins I like to take too, like E {it's great for your skin and your insides} and garlic, primrose oil, niacin.... the list really could go on and on. They all do different thing, and some work best in combination with others. If you are interested you should look into it and see what's best for you. I like natural vitamins with no coloring or any 'extras'.

Do you take vitamins regularly? Or juice?

Day 6: Watch the stars

It's something we do from an early age, and never seem to outgrow it.

Source: hex.io via Ameryn Marie on Pinterest

Now that I live somewhere where the fog usually rolls in around sunset, I appreciate the stars even more! There is something so simple and magical about star gazing. Looking for a shooting star, trying to find constellations, wishing on the first star...

We always find the small and big dipper, and then see what else we can try and make out. I think we pretty much just guess at the different constellations, but it would be cool to actually know them! Maybe I can find a star map like that one, and learn some! Hopefully the fog cooperates and we can actually see the stars tonight!

Do you know your stars? Do you have a favorite?

Day 5: Relax

Some days you just need to relax. Stop what you are doing and just be. Today was that day for me. Today started productive, but about mid-day I had a strong 'just relax' feeling, so I did. I got into comfy clothes, put on an old movie and just chilled. It was that easy. Sure, a bubble bath or a foot rub would've been awesome, but doing nothing was all I needed! Just me a cozy blanket and Lilly on my lap...ahhh.

What's your idea of relaxing?

Day 4: Stretch

Stretching is one of my favorite things! In fact, if you skipped the workout and just did warm up and cool down stretching, I'd be alright with that! ;)

I like to stretch while I'm doing other things, like reading, or crocheting or sitting here writing this right now!
Just like these girls...

Okay, maybe not EXACTLY like those girls! I can probably get one leg out that far though!

Stretching increases flexibility {we can all use that!}, it helps get your blood flowing, and elongates your muscles! I also try and stretch out different muscles to help with my not so good posture. It's a work in progress, but it's coming along.

Here are some stretching tips I found that can help you stretch correctly, and to remember to actually do it!

What's your favorite stretch?

Day 3: Laugh!

You know you feel better after a good laugh! Whether you are laughing with a friend, at your pets or just a funny movie, it makes you feel good! So, here are a few things to make you laugh and in return HAPPY!

Source: via Ameryn Marie on Pinterest

And if none of that worked I'm pretty sure this will!

Hope you got a good laugh!

What's your go to funny thing that always get a laugh?

Day 2: Hydrate

It seems fitting that hydrate is my happy and healthy life theme of the day, because it is HOT today!
I know I said that fall had come, but Summer popped his head in to say hi this week!

Everyone knows that you are suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day.
What I don't think everyone knows is that it has to be pure, clean water with nothing added to it.
Also, the 8 glasses is an average. Here's how to figure out exactly how much YOU should be drinking.
Take your weight {in pounds} divide that in half and that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day.
See, I weigh 130 lbs, and half of that is 65, so I should be drinking 65 oz of water each day. Which is actually pretty close to the recommendation.

On top of keeping you hydrated, water does so much more!
If you drink a glass of water first thing in the morning it gets your metabolism going and helps clean your body!
When you drink enough water your skin and hair look so much better!
Drinking water helps keep away the bloated feeling and helps you to not feel tired.
Drinking more water can actually help you lose weight too! A lot of the time if you are feeling kind of hungry you are actually thirsty! So, drink a glass of water and see if you notice the difference.

Another important important factor in drinking so much water is 'where is it coming from?'
I try really hard to NOT buy bottled water. We have a water filter and fill up our re-useable bottles everyday. Of course if you need water and the only option is bottled, then get the water! But, if all of everyone's water came from a bottle do you know how many that would be?! I know they are recyclable, but it's a whole lot of materials and energy that doesn't need to be used. We love our Klean Kanteens and they come in tons of sizes and colors! I've even seen sippy cups and bottles!

In honor of this post, and really this whole 31 days of a happy healthy life, I am giving up less healthy drink choices {beer, coffee...} and only partaking in healthy ones like water, fresh juice and herbal teas. I'm sure that it will be a little hard giving up coffee, but I know I will feel so good and my body will thank me!

Have you had your water today?

Day 1: Go to the beach!

This month I've decided to be a part of the nesting place 31 day challenge. Basically you pick one topic and blog about it everyday for the whole month of October. As soon as I saw this I thought 'how fun! I should do that' then came 'what the heck would I blog about for 31 days straight?!' I thought what would I {and hopefully you} get the most out of an entire month of focus on? Well, this is what I came up with...

 Pretty fun right?! Who doesn't want to be more happy and healthy?
AND if you are more of one, you can't help but be more of the other!
So, follow along this month and see my interpretation of a happy healthy life! Also, go check out all the other bloggers who are participating and see what their 31 days are all about.

For Day one of course I chose: Go to the beach!
I know, you're shocked! But seriously, how good do you feel after a day at the beach?

You soak up some sun, which pumps you full of vitamin D!
The saltwater is super good for your skin! I swear it will make you glow!
AND, my favorite part, just sitting and listening to the waves! It's so relaxing and calming.
When that is your view how could you not be happy?

I know not everyone lives close to the beach, but any body of water really is magical! So, go to a creek, or river or lake! Just make sure it's someplace that makes you feel good!

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