7 & 8: Juicing and Vitamins!

Okay... I'm a slacker! I didn't post yesterday, so I'm doubling up today!
Since I'm doubling up, I picked to things that kinda go together.
First, juicing! It's so so so good for you!

Not only do you get all the nutrients, and much faster, but could you imagine actually eating everything you could drink in a juice?! I mean, I like kale, but I don't think I want to spend a few hours chewing away at a whole bunch of it! Want to know a little more about juicing? Check out this post I did about it here.

Now for the vitamins! I take vitamins just to supplement my diet. I try {sometimes i forget} to take a multi vitamin, a B vitamin supplement and Vitamin C everyday. I take C for lots of other things too! If I'm feeling a cold coming on I down the C, if I have a rash or bug bites I take C {it's a natural anti-histamine} even if I'm just feeling out of it I usually up my C. There are other vitamins I like to take too, like E {it's great for your skin and your insides} and garlic, primrose oil, niacin.... the list really could go on and on. They all do different thing, and some work best in combination with others. If you are interested you should look into it and see what's best for you. I like natural vitamins with no coloring or any 'extras'.

Do you take vitamins regularly? Or juice?


  1. I love kale too! I've even gotten my kids to "eat" it by putting it in smoothies. Ps. your nails looks super cute!!

  2. I haven't juiced before, but I do green smoothies occasionally with spinach. Your nails look awesome btw!!


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