Day 6: Watch the stars

It's something we do from an early age, and never seem to outgrow it.

Source: via Ameryn Marie on Pinterest

Now that I live somewhere where the fog usually rolls in around sunset, I appreciate the stars even more! There is something so simple and magical about star gazing. Looking for a shooting star, trying to find constellations, wishing on the first star...

We always find the small and big dipper, and then see what else we can try and make out. I think we pretty much just guess at the different constellations, but it would be cool to actually know them! Maybe I can find a star map like that one, and learn some! Hopefully the fog cooperates and we can actually see the stars tonight!

Do you know your stars? Do you have a favorite?

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  1. newest follower! I love this post, I'm a big star gazer!


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