Day 3: Laugh!

You know you feel better after a good laugh! Whether you are laughing with a friend, at your pets or just a funny movie, it makes you feel good! So, here are a few things to make you laugh and in return HAPPY!

Source: via Ameryn Marie on Pinterest

And if none of that worked I'm pretty sure this will!

Hope you got a good laugh!

What's your go to funny thing that always get a laugh?


  1. Ok, so I totally love that first photo about the stick figure family. I saw this video on Tosh.O a few months back and laughed hysterically! You need to watch.

  2. I just watched that entire video and laughed the whole time. Awesome. and thank you. haha

  3. this is the best-- i just watched the entire friends video and it made my day! thanks for sharing :)
    love your blog and we are now following you- come follow along at

  4. The friends video made me laugh...out loud. It made my day. I just discovered your blog! I can't wait to read more!


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