Day 1: Go to the beach!

This month I've decided to be a part of the nesting place 31 day challenge. Basically you pick one topic and blog about it everyday for the whole month of October. As soon as I saw this I thought 'how fun! I should do that' then came 'what the heck would I blog about for 31 days straight?!' I thought what would I {and hopefully you} get the most out of an entire month of focus on? Well, this is what I came up with...

 Pretty fun right?! Who doesn't want to be more happy and healthy?
AND if you are more of one, you can't help but be more of the other!
So, follow along this month and see my interpretation of a happy healthy life! Also, go check out all the other bloggers who are participating and see what their 31 days are all about.

For Day one of course I chose: Go to the beach!
I know, you're shocked! But seriously, how good do you feel after a day at the beach?

You soak up some sun, which pumps you full of vitamin D!
The saltwater is super good for your skin! I swear it will make you glow!
AND, my favorite part, just sitting and listening to the waves! It's so relaxing and calming.
When that is your view how could you not be happy?

I know not everyone lives close to the beach, but any body of water really is magical! So, go to a creek, or river or lake! Just make sure it's someplace that makes you feel good!

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  1. going to the beach is the day ever! i definitely agree when you are staring out at the ocean how can someone not be happy?


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