I'm attempting a mobile blog once again. So if it looks wonky that's why.
I think I'll keep it simple this week.
Just pictures. :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Office overhaul!

My much needed Office clean up is done!
It took a solid day, but it's clean and organized again!
I have to say, I didn't realize how much fabric I had just lying around!
a pile here, a stash there... some were still in the shopping bags!
Not now! Now they are VERY neatly folded and organized! woot!
Okay, before I show you a before and after shot I have to warn you,
it's a little scary!  Also, I promise that the rest of my house doesn't look like this!
Please don't call Hoarders on me!! LOL!

Crazy huh!?!  That's what happens when you dump and run!  LOL!
So, once I completely gutted the room I put up some shelves for my fabric and then got to folding!
I turned this...

into this...
ahhh.... much better!

How's that for hodge pode? that's our old dining table. BUT, I have a table just for sewing!

Look at all that yarn! Who knew!

 and I fit in a painting area.

 Cone dog Lilly even got in on the action.

It feels so good to get everything back in order.
It's amazing how quickly it can become a mess.
Even more amazing that it never had to get so crazy ever!
Anyone else have a  bad drop and go habit?

Spring cleaning!!!

I know, I know... it's almost summer, but hey, it's getting done!
I decided to spend my first and last free weekend for a long while doing some serious re-organizing.
Nothing fancy, just down and dirty cleaning and organizing.
I have had so many projects, and no time. Which led to me dumping stuff everywhere!
Seriously I couldn't walk into my office let alone actually do something in there!
So, I am taking back my space {and getting back my kitchen table!}
Of course I started with a little pin-speration...

Will it look like any of this? probably not! 
I'm working with what I have {which is a hodge podge of stuff)
In a teeny room, with FAR to much furniture!
BUT it will be better than it is! I'll keep you posted on my progress.


It's Friday! Now let me bombard you with pictures!

our new blackberry bush.
this was it's first bloom, now it has tons!

my other happy plants

got to do a little dress shopping! so fun!

we felt the need to be twinsies... just for a second.

I'm pretty sure those bikes were bigger than the car!

love coming home to a pretty package at my door

attempting metal stamping for the shower

found a millipede!!! I was excited!

coffee date

even happier plants!

soaking up some sun

super yummy beet salad

baby gator lizard we found in the yard..

dressed and ready to go!


homemade black bean tostada. yum!

The last of the photo a day challenge

Here are the last of them...

Day 22: the last thing you bought
Pretty awesome.

Day 23: vegetable

Day 24: something you're grateful for
I have a husband who likes to cook {with his shirt off!}

Day 25: looking down
love them!

Day 26: black and white

Day 27: somewhere you went
apparently I didn't go anywhere. lol!

Day 28: 1pm

Day 29: circle

That's it!  It was pretty fun looking for something everyday.
Some days I had to think about it, others just happened.
I might just give it a go again another month!

Hi, my name is Ameryn and I suck at blogging...

... seriously!  I have been so preoccupied lately!  This has been {and unfortunately stayed} in the back of my mind lately. 

I started this blog to share ideas and encouragement with whoever wanted to listen, and I really haven't done much of either of those! 

I'm not going to make some huge statement and say that from now on it will be different, that I will share hundreds of great things with you everyday and wow you with my awesomeness.

I will however try to find more inspiration in everyday life and share that with you.

I feel like that is a start.

You may not hear from me everyday, or every week for that matter, but hopefully what you do see will be interesting.

So here's to keeping it real... whatever that may be.

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