Office overhaul!

My much needed Office clean up is done!
It took a solid day, but it's clean and organized again!
I have to say, I didn't realize how much fabric I had just lying around!
a pile here, a stash there... some were still in the shopping bags!
Not now! Now they are VERY neatly folded and organized! woot!
Okay, before I show you a before and after shot I have to warn you,
it's a little scary!  Also, I promise that the rest of my house doesn't look like this!
Please don't call Hoarders on me!! LOL!

Crazy huh!?!  That's what happens when you dump and run!  LOL!
So, once I completely gutted the room I put up some shelves for my fabric and then got to folding!
I turned this...

into this...
ahhh.... much better!

How's that for hodge pode? that's our old dining table. BUT, I have a table just for sewing!

Look at all that yarn! Who knew!

 and I fit in a painting area.

 Cone dog Lilly even got in on the action.

It feels so good to get everything back in order.
It's amazing how quickly it can become a mess.
Even more amazing that it never had to get so crazy ever!
Anyone else have a  bad drop and go habit?


  1. love me some organization! I seriously thrive on stuff like this haha

  2. The desk area where I drop everything... It is such a mess!!! This just inspired me to take charge of my drop and go area.

  3. This is great motivation! I am planning on spring cleaning soon because I've been overwhelmed with school and work and no time, but to drop and run! :)

  4. I just love how your feet are in the pic ! HAHA


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