I’m Ameryn, a twenty-something year old Interior Designer turned stay-at-home mom. These days baby is always on the brain, and that probably won't change anytime soon! When I'm not thinking baby, I usually have multiple art/sewing/design and now garden projects running at the same time. Which is what led me to start this blog in the first place. I figured if I put it all together in one place then it can just be one big project, and possibly even inspire others in the process. I am not a professional writer by any means, so don't expect perfection here!

I am married to the most wonderful man I know {seriously, he's awesome}, and we live in a little house in beautiful California. We are big on health and try to be as 'green' as possible. We geek out in the garden, and enjoy eating the great food that we grow! Yes, we are a little crunchy, and I'm okay with that!

I am open to any questions you might have.  Just leave a comment, or you can email me at: amerynmarie{at}gmail{dot}com



  1. Beau~ti~fil Blog! Love everything about it. Amazing work!

    Newbie blogger...

  2. Absolutely LOVE your blog! I found you via the blog hop! Beautiful bridal shower-Love your taste :)
    Make it a great day!
    What Meegan makes

  3. Hi Ameryn (love this name), so I really like your blog it has a unique feel to it. Consider me as you newest follower!

  4. New to your blog & love it!!! You totally sound like me! ha!! I'm def the person who walks around telling everyone what's in everything & how bad it is. I try not to do it, but just can't help it! So glad I found you - I'm your newest follower =)

  5. Hey there! Found you through Mavy May Sponsor Spotlight and wanted to say hello!

  6. HI! First of all Congratulations! Second, I am an interior designer too :) Can't wait to follow your blog...would love for you to follow back if you enjoy mine!

    XO Samantha


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