Random things about me

I thought it would be fun to share some random tid bits about myself today, just because it's fun and I like to get to know others like this too.

I sing a lot. Like I turn everyday things into songs. Oh, and I am a terrible singer! I have no idea where I got this from.

My first job was writing names on a grain of rice. Yeah. I know.

I am a Scorpio and full on believe in horoscopes.

When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer.

I haven't owned a T.V. in 5 years, and I don't miss it!

I HATE when my hands, feet or lips are dry. I can't function until I have slathered them in oil or lotion or chapstick or something! It's bad!

Walking in the dark still scares me a little.

My purse is a giant black hole. You can find just about anything in there, IF you can find it.

I cut my hair once a year... or even longer.

I love planners, but hardly actually use them.

I'm always excited for the new season. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... I guess I just like the change.

I use mason jars for everything.

I have a ridiculous fabric/ yarn stash compared to the amount of time I spend sewing/ crocheting.

That being said, I will always buy more fabric and yarn. =)

My favorite color changes all the time. Today it's sea-foam green.

I love reading and can't pass up an interesting looking book, especially at a thrift store!

I am a little OCD and have to do things balanced... chew on the right side, then on the left... crack one knuckle, crack all the rest...

I almost never 'accessorize'... I don't know why, it just doesn't happen.

My husband is my best friend. I know, cliche, but he is.

I feel naked without polish on my toenails.

If I could I just might eat burritos everyday... they are my weakness.

Being a mom is the coolest 'job' I've ever had.


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