It's Friday! Now let me bombard you with pictures!

our new blackberry bush.
this was it's first bloom, now it has tons!

my other happy plants

got to do a little dress shopping! so fun!

we felt the need to be twinsies... just for a second.

I'm pretty sure those bikes were bigger than the car!

love coming home to a pretty package at my door

attempting metal stamping for the shower

found a millipede!!! I was excited!

coffee date

even happier plants!

soaking up some sun

super yummy beet salad

baby gator lizard we found in the yard..

dressed and ready to go!


homemade black bean tostada. yum!


  1. Your stunning.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. 3 things...

    1. I need to know how to make a tostada...that looks amazing.

    2. My husband just told me that we look alike. I almost died. Such a compliment.

    3. I am going to the mall today to buy your Sephora card. Yay!!

  3. Love all your pictures & your blog! Found you through my friend Ruthie :) xoxo new followr!


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