Day 2: Hydrate

It seems fitting that hydrate is my happy and healthy life theme of the day, because it is HOT today!
I know I said that fall had come, but Summer popped his head in to say hi this week!

Everyone knows that you are suppose to drink 8 glasses of water a day.
What I don't think everyone knows is that it has to be pure, clean water with nothing added to it.
Also, the 8 glasses is an average. Here's how to figure out exactly how much YOU should be drinking.
Take your weight {in pounds} divide that in half and that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day.
See, I weigh 130 lbs, and half of that is 65, so I should be drinking 65 oz of water each day. Which is actually pretty close to the recommendation.

On top of keeping you hydrated, water does so much more!
If you drink a glass of water first thing in the morning it gets your metabolism going and helps clean your body!
When you drink enough water your skin and hair look so much better!
Drinking water helps keep away the bloated feeling and helps you to not feel tired.
Drinking more water can actually help you lose weight too! A lot of the time if you are feeling kind of hungry you are actually thirsty! So, drink a glass of water and see if you notice the difference.

Another important important factor in drinking so much water is 'where is it coming from?'
I try really hard to NOT buy bottled water. We have a water filter and fill up our re-useable bottles everyday. Of course if you need water and the only option is bottled, then get the water! But, if all of everyone's water came from a bottle do you know how many that would be?! I know they are recyclable, but it's a whole lot of materials and energy that doesn't need to be used. We love our Klean Kanteens and they come in tons of sizes and colors! I've even seen sippy cups and bottles!

In honor of this post, and really this whole 31 days of a happy healthy life, I am giving up less healthy drink choices {beer, coffee...} and only partaking in healthy ones like water, fresh juice and herbal teas. I'm sure that it will be a little hard giving up coffee, but I know I will feel so good and my body will thank me!

Have you had your water today?


  1. Uh, needed this reminder I am drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper!!! I just can't seem to drink enough H2O!!

  2. i love this idea to do a 31 day series!! im excited to follow along.

  3. o new follower via bloglovin!!

  4. I am a believer in drinking water too! It is so hard to get your daily intake, you really have to try hard!

    I am a new follower through the hop! Excited to follow you! Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)


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