Day 10: Listen to the rain

Today it rained here. I got to just sit and listen to the rain! It was awesome! So of course I decided to make it my happy thing of the day!

 I know I'm not alone in loving the sound of rain. It's so soothing and I think that since it doesn't happen a lot {here anyways} it makes it more special! Then, after the rain when you go outside and the air just smells so great! I love it!


  1. the sound and the smell of rain is glorious definitely one of my favorite smells.

  2. Agreed! I love just staying in and curling up on the couch with 2-3 movies to watch, tons of snacks and a blanket :)

  3. I adore the sound and smell of rain too! I think that every time it rains offices should be closed so everyone can stay home in yoga pants and enjoy the ambiance.

  4. I love the rain! It's so calming. I love when it rains straight so I can leave the windows open! :)


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