Day 4: Stretch

Stretching is one of my favorite things! In fact, if you skipped the workout and just did warm up and cool down stretching, I'd be alright with that! ;)

I like to stretch while I'm doing other things, like reading, or crocheting or sitting here writing this right now!
Just like these girls...

Okay, maybe not EXACTLY like those girls! I can probably get one leg out that far though!

Stretching increases flexibility {we can all use that!}, it helps get your blood flowing, and elongates your muscles! I also try and stretch out different muscles to help with my not so good posture. It's a work in progress, but it's coming along.

Here are some stretching tips I found that can help you stretch correctly, and to remember to actually do it!

What's your favorite stretch?


  1. I seriously need to stretch more often....I use to be able to sit around like those girls in the split. Sigh.....

  2. the best thing about yoga is mandatory stretching each day. or i get too tight! Found you on the GFC blog hop, but turns out i was already following you! xoxo


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