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I try not to be too pushy on here, but I watched 'The Future of Food' again last night, and I am a little fired up! If you haven't seen this I recommend you do. It's a great documentary that shows the truth of how the U.S. agriculture truly works, GMO foods and what you are really getting in the 'food' you buy.

Watching this movie really makes me a little sad that our country has allowed this to happen. BUT we can change things! Every dollar you spend tells the retailers what you want. If you buy healthful organic food you are telling them that you care about where your food comes from and it's impact on our planet.

I know for some people it is hard to go completely organic, maybe you live somewhere that it's not very popular yet. Every little bit helps! The more you buy the more they will stock!
Here are the top 5 things to buy organic to avoid GMO: wheat, soy, corn, canola, and cotton.

Also, this is a handy little chart to help you decide what produce is most important to buy organic.

The best way I have found to getting great local organic food is to find a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) near you. It's usually a small to medium sized farm that grows a variety of food throughout the seasons and you get a box full of that weeks bounty every week. Straight from the farm to your house, you cant get better than that! Here is a neat site that explains it more, and you can type in your Zip code and it will show you CSA farms around you. 

Thanks for letting me rant a little! This is something that is really important to me and I feel like I need to share it every once in a while. I hope this made sense and isn't just rambling...


  1. Good to know - thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with Alisa's comment! That is all really good to know!

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  3. I refer to this list all the time!! Makes shopping so much easier! Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxo

  4. Great post and I will have to check out that documentary. I havent heard of it, so thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking up.


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