I seriously feel overwhelmed looking thought the beauty section on pinterest. Do people really DO their hair like that everyday?! ... seriously?!?! Am I alone in this?
I think I'm just not used to having such long hair. I try to braid my hair and feel dorky, not cute! BUT, I continue to pin, keep on trying, and hopefully one day I can be an awesome hair do-er too!

Here's some hair inspiration I've been drooling over.

seems easy-ish
Source: via Ameryn Marie on Pinterest

...seriously, that front braid kills me. I don't know whats wrong with me.

None of these seem to be too hard, but it never quite comes out right.

Oh, and I've tryed the whole scarf thing never looks as cute!
One day, I will get it. Until then it's simple curls and messy buns!

Do you have any great hair tips?


  1. Love this hair styles. Recently did a post about buns and braids because I am obsessed with them :)
    * STYLE ID NET *
    * Filomenas Closet *

  2. love all these hair do's - i'm growing my hair out as we speak(it's still super short), but pictures like this are what keep me motivated to stick with it and grow it out! newest follower from the blog hop :)


  3. These braids look gorgeous in the photos, but I'm with you...I just feel dorky. My daughter looks great in all these styles and she is a whiz at them all. I just did a hair post yesterday you might want to check out! Love to have you visit! I'm your newest follower~Angie

  4. My sister is the one who does all these hair styles & cute manicures like its the easiest thing in the world! Me on the other hand, I try but it just doesn't work out do well...actually, it doesn't work out at all!

  5. All of these are gorgeous!
    I just chopped my hair off in Feburary...again, haha(:

    I'm always wanting to change up my hair!
    People need to have more tutorials for short hair ;)
    I should figure out how to wear the headscarf though; it's gorgeous!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  6. I never do anything with my hair. Besides put in a hair pin or a pretty headband. That's it. And that's probably largely because I always have short hair. But the problem is that I'm starting cosmetology school in like 3 weeks. And I'm starting to get nervous about the interesting situation of a girl who never does her hair seeking to build a career out of doing other people's hair. Hmmm...but maybe as I learn more I'll be able to do something with it, too. We'll see. But all of the hairstyle pictures you have are really cute!


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