Our weekend at the beach

We have been having some perfect weather lately!
Add the beach to that and you have an amazing day!
I love having the beach so close, especially when it's so warm and sunny!!!


When we got there it was a bit full, so we had to wait a while to get in, hence the dorky awesome 'I'm bored in the car' pictures you are about to see. I don't think there could be a better place to be waiting though!

This picture kills me! Haha! 'I want out of the CAAAAARRRRRR!!!'

 Okay, now I'm cute again...

I had no idea I couldn't make a fishey-face! Seriously! Who can't make a fishey-face?
This girl right here apparently!

We made it!

So beautiful out there!

I think we're getting the beach bum look down!

So fun! One of these days I might even try to surf myself! Baby steps! We did get an annual pass, so we will be going a lot! I can't wait!

Well, that was the highlight of my weekend! Hope you enjoyed yours!


  1. Looks like yall had a GREAT day! Jealous, I miss living near a beach. Bahahahha and dying laughing at the "let me out of the carrrr!" picture. too funny!

  2. So jealous!! There is nowhere to surf in Ontario :( and not that many place in Canada at all. Looks like you had an awesome weekend.

  3. I love Jalama!! It is one of the best drives to get there and I just love how secluded it feels. I am your newest follower :-)


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