Thrifty Thursday!

Now that we are getting settled{ish} in our new place I'm starting to get a feel for what we still need. We pretty much sold all of our furniture before we moved, so we need a lot. Lucky for me my husband is awesome and is going to build us furniture... but that takes time. Soooo, I've started hitting the thrift stores.
I was really just looking for furniture pieces, but I couldn't help but check out everything else. So, what did I find?

Clothes! Like I need anymore! lol! BUT they were super cute and only $2 a piece!

I also found a ton of fabric. I never thought to get fabric from a thrift store, but they had tons!
Some of it is super cute vintage and some is just cute. $8 for all of that! A few of those are a couple of yards each! I'm not sure what I'll do with them all yet, but I'm brainstorming!

Oh, and I got these bad boys...
Buahaha! SOOO kidding! They had these out like they were something special! I'm pretty sure that THIS is what most people think of when they think thrift store! I had to share!

But, the find of the day was this awesome mid-century table that I got for only $20!
After I got home I immediately googled it to see if I did in fact get a good deal, I knew it was well built and whatnot but I wanted to check. They are selling for $150-$300! Good deal indeed!

It's funny, when I brought it in and sat down I realized we haven't had a coffee table in years! Well, we did have one in our old house, but it was in our sitting room, not our living room, so we hardly used it. It's nice to have a coffee table again.

I think I'll hit up a few more tomorrow, there are tons of thrift stores in our town!

Anyone else find some good deals lately?


  1. very cute.. is it like a small town thift store or like goodwill or soemthing?

  2. Hey Lady! I just came across your cute blog via the hop and I'm so happy to be your newest follower! Also I'd love to invite you to a fabulous triple giveaway I'm having right now!

    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!

  3. LOVE that table! Just found your blog while blog bopping. Now I am a new follower!

  4. Love it! I haven't been to our local thrift store in a while! Now I want to go and find cool stuff like you did! Have fun this weekend!


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