It's November!!!

'It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!'  is what I said when I woke up this morning and realized it's November 1st .  ;)  I'm not sure why I am so excited about my birthday this year, but I am!  Maybe it's because I am taking off the entire week after my birthday, with no set plans.  Or maybe just because I am turning 26.  I'm not sure where it came from, but when I was younger 26 seemed so cool.  I thought I'd be a veterinarian, with a handsome husband and two kids!  I'm happy with being an interior designer, with a handsome husband, and waiting a little while before having kids.  =)

See... he's very handsome

About a week and a half ago I realized how quickly my birthday was coming, and thought I should do something for myself.  I've been a little bummed lately about putting on some weight since the wedding.  So I figured out about where my healthy weight should be (125-130) and decided to set a goal: to be at 130 by my birthday.  I started at 138.  I already eat pretty darn healthy, mostly vegan, little wheat and processed foods, and lots of organic fruits and veggies.  So, I realized that my problem is pure laziness!  I'm going to have to actually workout! {gulp} I do like to do yoga, in fact I was doing hot yoga regularly last year and it was amazing!  I would say that I was at my 'most fit' then.  I think that yoga will be my go to still.  It's nice because you can do it at home, or wherever really.  Even just stretching is amazing.  It really makes you feel good.
Anyways, I started this post because I just weighed myself and I'm at 135. Yay me!  I do know that weight fluctuates quite a bit, so I'm not completely set on a specific number, it's just more of a motivation.  If I get to 130 and don't feel 'fit' then I will keep going until I find that 'happy spot'.

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  1. I haven't tried the hot yoga but I've wanted to. Also, 26 is the best! It's my favorite number but it was also an amazing year. You're 26th will be amazing too, I know it! And 125-130 is my ideal weight as well. I have 25 pounds to loose to be back down to my pre pregnancy weight. It's hard. boooo


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