Our Thanksgiving

I'm finally home!(for a little bit) We took a short road trip earlier this week (I'll get some photos up soon), were back for one night and then headed off for Thanksgiving festivities with the fam-bam. This year we had a very low-key Thanksgiving with a small group of friends and family, it was perfect.

Me and my beautiful mom

Me and the hubby
At pretty much every dinner at my in-laws I am in charge of decor and setting the table, it's what I do. This year I completely spaced and didn't even think about it until the food was coming out to the table! So, we had a very basic and thrown together table this year, nothing fancy whatsoever. I can blame my brain fart on this stupid cold I have right?!  ;)
last minute make shift candle holders, because I couldn't find real ones

Our feast! All organic and fresh from the farm! Seriously, they went and picked the produce that morning!
The table from my view

Everyone grubbin on some amazing food!

For everyone who wonders what a vegetarian eats at Thanksgiving:

I don't think I was missing out! Everything was delicious.

and then there were the homemade pies!

It's a little hard to see, but she cut Happy Thanksgiving into the pie! How cute is that!

I indulged in some pumpkin cheesecake with homemade caramel and candied pecans...mmm

Someone, I won't say who indulged in a whole heap of pie! He ate it all too!

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving too! 


  1. YUM! I'd love to know what exactly you DID have to eat -- hubby and I are on a strict diet due to his recent heart attack and we are discovering amazing vegetarian foods and restaurants! And I think you did a great impromptu decorating job!!

  2. Thanks Lauren. I'd love to share what I had! Let's see... wild rice and cornbread stuffing, brussel sprouts, turnip and potato mash, fresh cranberry sauce, sauteed turnip greens, roasted sweet potato wedges, and a cabbage and fennel salad. Everything was vegan except for the stuffing. Good luck with your new and improved diet! I'm sure you'll both be happy with it!


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