what do you do with all those greens?!

I'm not sure if it's how I eat or where I shop, but I can't make it home from the grocery store without some interesting comments... 'what do you do with all those greens?'  'do you have a lizard at home?... a turtle?' 'I bet you know how to make a salad!'  LOL!  I know I can't be the only vegan in my town, so am I the only herbivore?  I usually leave the store with 90% fresh veggies and the rest beans and grains... oh and beer. ;) 

a glimpse of my cart today

Is it really that strange to buy 'real' food?  And why are people so afraid of kale?  It's yummy, I swear!

my 'loot' for today

I try to eat local and organic all year long.  I've found it really is the best way to get the freshest food possible, and also the best tasting!  A tomato fresh from your garden in August is SO much better than one that is a few weeks old from thousands of miles away in the middle of December.  Think about it.

I guess that makes me a HerbiLocavore. ;)  Anyone else with me?  Or am I the crazy hippie lady buying up all the 'rabbit food' everyday?


  1. I LOVE that! HerbiLocavore.
    New follower from Follow Me Friday.

  2. I'm not a vegan but I love kale too! I just used it in my Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana recipe. Unfortunately it also has sausage...and bacon...and heavy whipping cream - oh well! :) Found you on Follow Me Friday.

  3. Love this post! I have tried to make kale chips before but failed miserably. You should do a post on how to use kale!!


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