Insta-Friday + My birthday!

It's my birthday today!  Woot!  I wish I could say that I did something amazing, but I had to work today.  Bummer, I know.. BUT, I am taking the next week off, so it was totally worth it!  Now I get to spend my first week of being 26 doing whatever I want! Yay!

Here are some snap shots from my week.

more snuggly pets

me and the hubby

really pretty sunset

my new chicken friend I met the other night

Also, in case anyone was wondering I haven't been so awesome on my goal to shape up by my birthday (see more here) I've been eating pretty good, but totally slacking otherwise.  I did get on the scale this morning just to see and was pleasantly surprised to see 132.  I know I still need to tone up, but I was excited none the less.  
So, here's to turning 26!  It's going to be a good year, I can feel it!

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  1. I'm late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was awesome!


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