Bad hair day turned good

Ever have those days where you wake up and think 'why do you hate me hair!?'  Well, I did today.  I woke up to a stringy mess of hair.  I decided to try (again) to wash my hair every other day, so it was kind of expected.  The bad part is I never really do my hair, at least not for work.  I just let it air dry, or pull it into a pony.  I keep it simple.  But today I had to DO my hair.  lol.  So, a few handfuls of baby powder (yep, baby powder! it's a blonde girls best friend!) a bit of teasing, clipping, and covering with headbands I actually got a pretty cute do!

Messy and fun.  Maybe I'll start 'doing' my hair more often. =)

OH!  I found out today that my team did win our costume contest!  Yay us!


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