Road Trip

I took this week off work with no real plan in mind, just to not be at work.  Plus it was my birthday and Thanksgiving, so it worked out.  We decided last week that we would probably make a trip down to the Santa Barbra area to see our friend, check out some things Matt has been doing down there, and try and visit some family on our way.  Well, on my last day of work I got my first cold in years!  How does that work out?!  Needless to say the trip got pushed from Saturday to Sunday and then to Monday, leaving us with a 3 day trip.  So, we had a jam packed little road trip.  It was fun, cold and all,even though I managed to pass my cold on to the hubby too. =(  I didn't get pictures of our whole trip, but I did get the best part... the beach!

The drive in.
Can you tell I blew my nose 700 times on the way there?

This is how I got my pictures, and why they may be blurry. ;)

so beautiful

first glimpse of the beach

There was a playground between our site and the beach! I just had to ride a dolphin!

we made it to the beach just in time for the sunset

view from our campsite

it was soooo chilly that night, I had to seriously layer up!

The next morning was ABSOLUTE PERFECT beach weather! So awesome!

On our way out that day we saw a bobcat.  He didn't really like that we were watching him, he kept trying to hide behind a bush.  We weren't leaving without a picture though.

We went and checked out this amazing entrance that Matt was working on with our friend Pat.  It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but it is massive! Super neat.

It was a fun quick trip, we didn't do everything we wanted to, but we had a good time.  Next time I think we'll just stay at the beach for a week straight!


  1. No fair! I want to go on a trip to Santa Barbara! :) You are so gorgeous and I love your blog, thanks for contacting me about sponsor swap! Yours is up girl! AND I'm your newest follower, can't wait to keep reading! :)

  2. these are gorgeous are hysterical on that park kiddie toy!

  3. oh hey bobcat! you're gorgeous by the way!


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