How was your 11-11-11?

My husband's family has been taking pictures every year on 01-01-01, 02-02-02...  Some have been themed, some haven't.  This year wasn't, well not really.  It turns out it was my nephews 11 week birthday.  How fun is that?!  So, we tried to get a party hat on him for the picture, but it was past his bedtime and he wasn't having it!  So, we pretty much just got some random pictures of us. Whatever works right?!

see, not behaving. ;)

and there may have been some fighting over who gets to hold the baby.

Anyone else get some good 11-11-11 pictures?

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  1. I didn't take a single one! LAME-O!! You look like you married into a great family!! =)


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