Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch?

 Our group at work all dressed up as witches for the Halloween costume contest this year.  I may be partial, but I'd say we did a pretty good job!  I think my costume turned out pretty awesome.  My hair just might be my favorite thing though.  I butchered a plain old witch wig and pulled my hair through it.  Results = BIG CRAZY HAIR!  ...AND instead of looking worst as the day went on it just got more crazy and awesome!  I am absolutely going to remember this for the next time I decide to dress up!  Any who, here are some pictures from the day.

This is my scary face

All done! Just missing my broom!

Here is our group. I hope they don't mind me posting this.  ;)

Did anyone else dress up?  When I went up to the store, in full costume minus the hat, on my way home, I got some serious looks.  I think it was fun to dress up, especially as a group.  I'll let you know if we win!


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