Happy Halloween Weekend!

I know it's still a few days out, but I figured a lot of  you would be starting the celebration tonight. 
This year we are having a costume contest at work and a group of us girls are dressing up as witches.  I am still making my costume (as per usual) I'll post pictures when I'm done.  Which will probably be Monday morning. =)  Yes, I'm a procrastinator!
I am still trying to figure out my make up too.  I don't want to go too scary, I'll be at work and around kids.  I do want it to be fun. I'm stuck in between classic witch, and funky eye make up.  I'm liking some of these.



Have any great inspiration?  I'm leaning toward: classic green face + funky eye make up.


  1. Oh my goodness! You found some great eye makeup ideas to work with!!! I've been going through some makeup tutorials with Michelle Phan videos on youtube.... I'd check her out too, because it's pretty amazing. I love love LOVE the picture of the doorway at the top of your blog!! I'm kind of a door freak. :) Found you tonite on the Follower's Fest because I decided to start at the bottom of the ever growing list and found you there! Following you now, here and on Pinterest, cuz.... I'm a bit of a Pinterest freak as well. :) I hope you'll take the time to stop by my blog and that you find a reason to follow and leave a comment as well. Your name, Ameryn, is extremely lovely!

  2. Thanks Dawnee. I will look into those videos. The door is from a wedding picture of mine. It was an amazing site! I love old doors too, you aren't alone! ;)

  3. LOVE IT! Visiting from October Follow Fest!
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