Helloooooo Friday!  It's been a looong work week here, which doesn't make for much excitement.  I do, however, have a few pictures to share with you all this lovely Friday!

Me and the hubby out for a drive.

My super yummy steel cut oats with maple syrup and pecans!

I busted out the hats! {finally}

Our very cool new chair made by our friend!  I'm still looking for the right spot for it.

One of my favorites!  All vegetarian and mostly vegan.  Plus you get to hangout with a bunch of chickens while you wait for your food!  See this post for a picture of one of the chickens!

I'm spending this weekend with my cousin and doing some girly stuff, I'm sure pictures will follow.  What is everyone else up to this weekend?

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  1. Dropping by to say Hi! I happened upon you via the Insta-Friday link.
    Love your header...

  2. I love your instagram pictures! I'm so bummed I don't have an iphone/pad/pod that takes pictures : ( These pictures are so fun!



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