Friday, kinda

Hey everybody!  Boy has it been a long week!  We have been remodeling at work which means I am super busy.  We gutted our kitchen showroom a few weeks ago and have been putting it all back together ever since.  This week we realized that after MUCH pre-planning and extreme organization we were behind schedule.  The contractors were behind, and we were down a person all week, which means longer hours and more work for the rest of us.
I'm exhausted!
This week has been nothing but work and recover from work, which means I did nothing exciting, and have no fun instagram pictures this week.  Sad, I know.  I get to work tomorrow{yay for overtime!}, and then {hopefully} do nothing on Sunday!
As tired as I may be, it is pretty cool seeing a completely empty space turn into an awesome and really well organized kitchen in mere days!  It makes me want to tear into my kitchen and re-do it all! Like this maybe:

Can someone just plop that into my house right now? Kay, thanks!


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    PS.. Love your blog!

  3. Amazing kitchen! Gorgeous chairs, those are my favorite!

    xo. Britt

  4. gorgeous kitchen. After they are done with yours, send them over to my house :)


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