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I was tagged by Brittany over at Daily Bruski

The Rules
one. You must post the rules & and link up who tagged you.
two. Post eleven fun facts about yourself.
three. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
four. Tag eleven people and link them on your post
five. Let them know you've tagged them!

11 facts about myself
1. I have always lived in California {and have loved every minute of it}
2. I wish I were able to 'dress up' more
3. I sing loudly in the car... all the time!
4. I hate to get out of bed in the morning
5. I love brusslesprouts!
6. My toenails are ALWAYS painted
7. I procrastinate way too much
8. I am a thrifty gal in all ways
9. I love the process of making things
10. I truly think my husband is the greatest ever
11. My favorite flower is a daisy

Here are Brittany's questions and my answers:

Q: If you could move somewhere else, would you? Where?
 A: Honestly if I didn't have to worry about work, I'd move to Hawaii in a heartbeat!
Q: What inspired you to start blogging?
 A: I started blogging to create a space where all of my passions meet up.  I enjoy too many things and they tend to get lost in the madness.
Q: What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
 A: Coconut Bliss Mint Galactica! It's dairy free and delicious!
Q: Where is your favorite place to shop?
A: Thrift stores! Duh!
Q: What TV show can you not get enough of?
 A: How I Met Your Mother! It's legen...wait for it...DARY!
Q: Music, TV, or radio?
A: Music! It can change your mood so fast, I love it!
Q: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
 A: Maybe a mermaid... how fun would that be!?!
Q: What is your dream vacation?
 A: Laying on a beach, in the sun, with a drink and my hubby.
Q: Do you enjoy watching sporting events?
 A: Not really, maybe if I were AT the game.
Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?
A: loud eaters! It's disgusting!
Q: What advise would you give your younger self?
 A: Just to be yourself and make the best of all situations.

Tag - You're it
3- Melissa @ Pineapple Lilly
4- Hollie @ Hollie takes notes
5- Taryn @ Edge
6- Amanda @ For Love of a Cupcake
7- Holly @ eight six eleven
8- Stephanie @ My Creative Brightside
10- Amira @ Shades of Gray
11- Madison and Lauren @ Awkward Girls
My questions for you
one. What's your go to movie?
two. Wine or beer?
three. What's your favorite color?
four. Where is your ideal vacation spot?
five. What TV show can you not get enough of?
six. What's your favorite time of year?
seven. Whats the best book you've read recently?
eight. You have $1000 to spend right this second, what do you do?
nine. How do you feel about men with beards?
ten. What is the strangest animal you have ever come in contact with?
eleven. What do you get out of blogging?


  1. Fun!! Thanks for tagging me! We have a lot in common haha! My toenails are always painted too and it bugs me when other peoples aren't haha! I like Brussel sprouts too!

  2. this is fun! I've seen it floating around blog land the past couple of days, thank you for including me! I will have to buy your favorite icecream for my hubby...sounds like he would LOVE that!

  3. Cool, thanks for tagging me! I also would need to be at said sporting event to enjoy, or throw a party lol..
    as for the tag - I will get to it sometimes this week between hmwk.. blehhhh

  4. yay, another cali blogger! I JUST moved to LA so I am loving finding other people in this state! you are adorable!



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