2012 New Year blogging party!

Hello everyone, and happy last day of January!  Can you believe it?!  I can't really.  This month flew by!  
I have a really fun post today!  A few weeks ago I signed up for the new year blogging party. 


It's a fun new year's gift exchange for us bloggers put on by Alycia, Casey, and Danielle.  Basically they matched us up and we took it from there.  I was paired up with the lovely Melanie from Keeping up with the Cantelmo's.

Keeping up with the Cantelmo's

Isn't she cute!  She is a blogging mom of 3 adorable little peanuts, and she just announced last week that it will be 4 soon!  Congrats girl!
So, I got her gift in the mail tonight and get to show it to you all!

First off, she wrapped it in damask tissue paper! {love}

Then I actually opened the gift, and boy did she spoil me!

A cozy scarf, bracelet and a cute necklace!  So fun!

I wanted to get some fun photos of me wearing them, my tripod is M.I.A., so beware these pictures are not awesome. lol.

This was my attempt to get everything in the picture... it almost worked! lol!

Thanks Melanie for the fabulous gift!  You guys should check out her blog and see what I got her!

Also check out the rest of the exchanges here:


I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the month!


  1. What a lovely trio of gifts! Love them all!!

    So happy I participated in this blogger gift exchange, i'm your newest follower! :)


  2. I'm SO glad you got it in time! I was so worried. I am glad you liked it too!!! I am just doing your post! I absolutely love my necklace! I have gotten so many compliments. I didn't get the best pictures of it because I was relying on my hubby to take some pics :)

  3. I love those! That scarf is to die for!!!!

  4. Well hello, bling bling & pretty scarf!! Isn't getting spoiled the best!?!?

    We had a blast participating in this. We're now following you & we'd love for you to visit our blog sometime! Be sure to check out our post from yesterday to see what Samantha (who commented above) sent us!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Wow you did get spoiled lol! That necklace is gorgeous!


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