What the...

While leaving the grocery store the other day I noticed that the new modern looking building that was being built was getting signage put up. I had been wondering what it was going to be, they tore down an old building just to build it.  So I come around the corner and what do I see... a McDonald's sign.  I know I am in the minority of people that hate fast food joints, but there is a McDonald's already in the same parking lot!!!! Now I don't know if they are planning on shutting the other one down or not, but this makes TWO McDonald's, a Jimboy's, a KFC and a Round Table all in the tiny shopping center of my grocery store. 
Am I alone in thinking this is crazy?
I have to pre-order a box of produce and split my shopping at three stores to get good local organic food, but if I want to eat garbage I have 20 options within 5 minutes of my house?!!  Something is wrong here.
Thanks for listening to my rant!


  1. yeah...yuck! i RARELY eat fast food...you just feel so gross after eating it!
    happy friday!!

  2. No, you are totally right!!! I have to do the same thing with my shopping. And we have like 10 yucky fast food places on our main street. it's so annoying...and yes, very wrong. What is wrong with people?!!

  3. This post is half the reason I love this blog and passed on the Liebster Award to you!


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