Striving for health

In the past four years I have been on a journey to become healthy.  It all started back in 2008 when my husband got really sick and we started looking into what was causing his illness.  One thing led to another and we ended up finding that diet was the number one cause to ALL illness.  So we started to change how we ate.  With every new book we read, or film we watched or natural doctor he saw we would learn more and change something.  We started by removing all processed foods from our diet. Then switched to all organic foods. We soon gave up most meats, then dairy and after a while most things with gluten.

Now, this was over quite a big span of time, we didn't just change overnight.  It took time and adjusting before it became a way of life.  When we started all of this it was to save my husband, which I'm very happy to say that it did... completely!  But, the other great thing that happened with all the changes we made is how much better I felt!  I didn't realize I was so unhealthy before we started this.  Yes, I knew I could lose a few pounds, and stop eating so much garbage food.  I did have for years what my doctor at the time called 'a sensitive stomach' and they assured me it was completely normal. Basically every time I ate I had a stomachache. Sometimes it would be minor, sometimes I would have to go lay down.  I had become used to this, it was just a part of life.  Well, about two months into our diet change I realized I couldn't remember the last time I had a stomachache from eating.  I was stoked!

So, we have been eating healthy ever since, still modifying our diet when we learn about anything new.  Since 2008 I have lost over 20 pounds just from eating healthy. Most of that came off in the beginning, but a little more here and there since then. Now I have come to a new challenge, I have lost the extra weight and eat healthy, but I am NOT in shape.  I do not work out at all.  I have the muscles of a 10 year old girl!  I have been wanting to shape up for a while, but have been completely unmotivated.  Now that is changing!  We are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon in September and I just might die if I went in the shape I am now.  Not to mention the fact that I deserve to be in shape, what good is a healthy body if I do nothing with it!?!

I am sharing this today in hopes that one: I will hold myself accountable{if I tell everyone I am going to do it I have to, right?}  two: I hope to gain support from others possibly doing the same thing.  and three: to inspire someone else to shape up and be healthy!  You deserve it!

I am taking measurements to track my changes.  I figure I'll probably gain weight, or at least not lose any while working out because I should be gaining muscle! =) I also happened to find my starting measurements from 2008.  It's crazy how much of a difference 20 pounds makes! So, here they are, and I'll post them again after a while.

I think a little fitness motivation is in order now!

I want to be that toned!

Seems easy enough.

Love this!

So, happy working out everyone! Let's get in shape!!!

Loads of Vegan recipes! Thanks Pinterest

I just spent the last, oh I don't know... hour, looking at drooling over some great looking vegan recipes.  Then I got to thinking... most people don't realize how amazing vegan dishes are. So, I'm going to share a few here and you can give them a try, I know I will!

Are you drooling yet?!  I think some of these weren't 100% vegan, but a few little changes and your good to go!  I am so excited to try some of these!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part... dessert!!!

I think I'm going to go start dinner now, this is making me hungry!  Check out my Pinterest for even more awesome looking and good for you dishes!

I did a variation of this one last night. Yummy!

Happy eating!


I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has flown by!
Here are my last two weeks in instagram photos!

The sunset from our new back yard.

Enjoying a local beer...

With this handsome guy.

Found the biggest hat at a little antique store.

I made a giant bowl of kettle corn the other night. It was so tasty!

Made some soup for one of the chilly days we had last week.

Forced Lilly to take a picture with me... she didn't like it.

Sat and watched the boys work at the shop.

We stopped at a little farm stand and they had pets everywhere!

They each have their own bed, but I always find them snuggling.

Have you ever seen this? Siamese corn?!

One more pet picture...she is relentless with her toys.

I came across this picture of me and a friend from when we were little and had to share it!
We were so cute. =)

Hope you have a great Friday!

It's OK...

I've been seeing TONS of posts this morning about the It's OK Thursday link up
Its Ok Thursdays
Turns out it's their 1 year anniversary! Congrats ladies!
So, what better day to start linking up with them then on this momentous day?!

Here it goes...

It's OK...

that I just slept it, and could still go back to bed.

that I haven't had my coffee yet.
that I am still not un-packed from the move.

that I am fighting the urge to have chocolate for breakfast.

 that I have a strange obsession with notebooks, notepads and post-its!
{seriously, I have found so many in the move!}

that I want to yell at people like an old lady when they run across my yard {it's my yard, stay out!}

that it's already Thursday and I'm not sure what I've accomplished this week.

Happy Thursday!!!

closet organizing 101

The closet...
we love it, and loath it.
I have always been one to organize my closet and once a year pull out a few things I could live without.
This time it's different. We moved into a tiny house with tiny closets.  My closet here is at LEAST half the size of my old closet {which was filled to the brim}.  So, I had to do some serious re-thinking when it came to my clothes and how to store them.  I thought I'd share my organizing tips with you, since we could always use more space for our clothes!

1) Purge! Yup, get rid of it!
If you haven't worn it in a's gone.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable... it's gone.
If you've been saying 'I just need to take it in here, or add something here' for a year... gone!
When you really think about it if you aren't using it, it's just taking up space!

2) PURGE! You know you didn't get rid of everything you don't use! Get critical! Simplify!

3) Sort. I like to sort my clothes by purpose... tanks, tee's, sweaters.
Then I color block them. To some this might be too much, but if you are looking for a black tank and they are all together, how nice would that be?!

4) Fold it.  I know it's nice to have everything hung up nice and orderly, but you might not have that option. I don't.  So, I folded up all my pants, sweaters and long-sleeve shirts and stacked them nicely.  It saves a TON of hanging space, and you can still see what is there.

5) Keep it where you can see it.  Are you really going to wear something if it's shoved in the back of your closet or in the bottom of a bin? NO. So show it off! Think about your shoes: you could have them in bins {or worse in a pile} or have them lined up beautifully on a shoe rack where you can see each one.

6) Use all of your space. Need more room? Go high! Most people don't use their whole space. Add another shelf, or an extra clothes rail. Don't let whats already there limit you.

7) Use hooks, boxes and organizers.  There are so many great products out there to help you organize your clothes. Some of my favorites are:
This scarf hanger from IKEA
This set of boxes to organize your drawers IKEA
Expanding shoe rack The Container Store

8) Light your space.  This is probably the one thing that will make your life so much easier. Add a light in your closet. It doesn't have to be fancy or big, but it does wonders! I added a plug-in under cabinet light above my closet door and it lights everything! No more squinting and pulling out something then realizing it's not what you thought.

 Well, I hope that helped. Heres a peek at my very full, but organized, tiny closet:

And yes, I do have a curtain over my closet, it had no doors!

Have fun getting organized! It feels great!

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Wow!  It's been a long time since my last Instagram post! That means I have tons of pictures! I'll try and keep it to a minimum, maybe...

I thought this was neat. Just a random little sign in the middle of downtown. It made me happy.

Such a pretty juice! Super yummy too!

We made the BEST from scratch tacos ever! I can't wait to make them again!

Met my cousin's new fur baby Sierra! Isn't she the cutest thing ever?! I almost stole her!

Did some fun ombre nails! I will absolutely be doing this again!

Matt grew a beard...

This is for anyone who wonders what you eat when you don't eat meat...looks horrible, huh?! lol

Oh! We had our two year wedding anniversary during all the moving craziness! It's crazy how fast it's gone by! I love this picture... we really got each other good! Matt swears I shoved cake to the back of his eye socket. lol! I saw him go for extra frosting, so I went for it!

We left a whole bush of these behind... I miss them already!

This is my nephew. He LOVES to drink from the dogs water faucet. I love this face, like 'yeah, I'm drinking the dogs water... so what!'

My first package at our new place! My friends know whats up...a baby melon and super cute salt shakers! Thanks Kelly!

One of the funny things in our house. A tiny ledge that seemed to serve no purpose... now it's a fruit ledge!

My new Lagunitas shirt! They make some amazing beer... and shirts!

Lilly is loving our new place! There are gophers for her to dig out! She still hasn't got one, but they should be afraid... very afraid!

Well, maybe I should stop there... save some for next week. Apparently I've been Instagram-ing it up!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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