We're moved!!! {just not unpacked)

We made it! We have actually been here for a week so far {time is flying by!} BUT, we just got out internet hooked up today, so now this is what I am doing...

Lying on the floor {we sold most of our furniture before we moved} playing on the computer.

Yes, I still have a few piles of boxes to unpack, curtains to hang, pictures to put up...
But I have working internet!!! So I have to check and see what I've missed in the past few weeks!
The boxes will still be there when I'm done.

I've got to tell you, we have moved into a seriously quirky old house. It was built in the 1900's so it's old, crooked and a little funky.  BUT it is in the best location! Plus we are sooo close to the beach now!
AND did I mention it has a huge dirt lot that we are going to plant a garden it!  I'm so excited about that!

Once we get a little more settled in I'll have to share some pictures... of the funky and the cool.

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  1. I'm jealous of your creaky old house!!! They have so much character!


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