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In the past four years I have been on a journey to become healthy.  It all started back in 2008 when my husband got really sick and we started looking into what was causing his illness.  One thing led to another and we ended up finding that diet was the number one cause to ALL illness.  So we started to change how we ate.  With every new book we read, or film we watched or natural doctor he saw we would learn more and change something.  We started by removing all processed foods from our diet. Then switched to all organic foods. We soon gave up most meats, then dairy and after a while most things with gluten.

Now, this was over quite a big span of time, we didn't just change overnight.  It took time and adjusting before it became a way of life.  When we started all of this it was to save my husband, which I'm very happy to say that it did... completely!  But, the other great thing that happened with all the changes we made is how much better I felt!  I didn't realize I was so unhealthy before we started this.  Yes, I knew I could lose a few pounds, and stop eating so much garbage food.  I did have for years what my doctor at the time called 'a sensitive stomach' and they assured me it was completely normal. Basically every time I ate I had a stomachache. Sometimes it would be minor, sometimes I would have to go lay down.  I had become used to this, it was just a part of life.  Well, about two months into our diet change I realized I couldn't remember the last time I had a stomachache from eating.  I was stoked!

So, we have been eating healthy ever since, still modifying our diet when we learn about anything new.  Since 2008 I have lost over 20 pounds just from eating healthy. Most of that came off in the beginning, but a little more here and there since then. Now I have come to a new challenge, I have lost the extra weight and eat healthy, but I am NOT in shape.  I do not work out at all.  I have the muscles of a 10 year old girl!  I have been wanting to shape up for a while, but have been completely unmotivated.  Now that is changing!  We are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon in September and I just might die if I went in the shape I am now.  Not to mention the fact that I deserve to be in shape, what good is a healthy body if I do nothing with it!?!

I am sharing this today in hopes that one: I will hold myself accountable{if I tell everyone I am going to do it I have to, right?}  two: I hope to gain support from others possibly doing the same thing.  and three: to inspire someone else to shape up and be healthy!  You deserve it!

I am taking measurements to track my changes.  I figure I'll probably gain weight, or at least not lose any while working out because I should be gaining muscle! =) I also happened to find my starting measurements from 2008.  It's crazy how much of a difference 20 pounds makes! So, here they are, and I'll post them again after a while.

I think a little fitness motivation is in order now!

I want to be that toned!

Seems easy enough.

Love this!

So, happy working out everyone! Let's get in shape!!!


  1. Good luck! I started working out and eating better two weeks ago and have lost 5lbs so far. I started the 30 Day Shred yesterday and did it again today. SO sore! I'm going to be updating things as I go too but I'm not sure I'm going to give my inches just yet ;) Maybe inches lost lol.
    Anyway good luck!!!! :D

  2. Good luck with your goals! You can totally do it. You will love the feeling of getting stronger. It gets addictive!

  3. I'll do it with you!!! I love hearing other people's stories it's so motivating. We have been working on changing our diet over the last year and will be making even more changes soon. I need to measure myself. I've been working out and not losing a whole lot weight but I'm curious to see what else has changed. Good luck!!

  4. I really need to be healthier. My dad is now on a strict diet too because of his super poor diet in the past. He is hating it, but it needs to be done! I stopped drinking soda (for the most part) and make unsweetened iced tea...cut off Fast Food (besides on occasion). I'm getting there. Working out is not my fave thing to do...but I'll give it a go with ya!

  5. Love this girl! I seriously hate eatin fast food now. I try to eat pretty clean during the week but need skittle something sweet on the weekend lol. I just feel so much better when I eat good. So glad you told this!

  6. You go girl, you got this! :)

    You're lucky to have realized what few people want to admit: what we eat affects us!


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