I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has flown by!
Here are my last two weeks in instagram photos!

The sunset from our new back yard.

Enjoying a local beer...

With this handsome guy.

Found the biggest hat at a little antique store.

I made a giant bowl of kettle corn the other night. It was so tasty!

Made some soup for one of the chilly days we had last week.

Forced Lilly to take a picture with me... she didn't like it.

Sat and watched the boys work at the shop.

We stopped at a little farm stand and they had pets everywhere!

They each have their own bed, but I always find them snuggling.

Have you ever seen this? Siamese corn?!

One more pet picture...she is relentless with her toys.

I came across this picture of me and a friend from when we were little and had to share it!
We were so cute. =)

Hope you have a great Friday!

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