Hello November!!!

I am so excited that November is here because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!
That's right, month! I know I'm not the only one who uses the whole month for their birthday excitement! Now, I'm not going out everyday in full celebration mode, but it is fun to bring up sometimes. Like when we can't decide on dinner...'it's my birthday month' or when my back really needs to be rubbed...'it's my birthday month'! See, it's great!

I also got to start this month with one of my most favorite cousins coming for a visit! It was super fun to have her and her husband down for a few days! We are also heading up to visit family and friends in two weeks for Thanksgiving! It's going to be another very full trip, but it will be awesome!

I love this time of year! Oh and did I mention it is super warm here this week?! It's suppose to be 86 today! Hello shorts in November!

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