Some changes + a sweet deal!

Ever just feel like you need a change? Well, I feel like that right now.

So, I'm starting {on the blog at least} with some new sponsorship options.
Yup, I'm taking the plunge and jumping on the passionfruit band wagon!
They make it so easy, it's hard to resist!

So, go check out my sponsorship page and see whats new!

Oh yeah, and since this is all new and exciting all ad spaces are 50% off! Yup, 5-0!!!
Just enter in code nifty50 at check out! Easy peasy!

Living on my sidebar, feeling like a rockstar! Well, maybe a little! ;)

If you haven't tried passionfruit yet it is so easy and takes about a minute to get going, seriously, thats it!

So, that's the first change here, we will see what happens next!


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