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I signed up a while back for a fun Share Your Style Swap, basically you get paired up, figure out what the other person likes and send them a hair goody that is both a little them and a little you. I got paired up with Jenn from One Thrifty Chick . It seemed we had pretty similar style with the exception of her just chopping her hair to a cute shot cut and mine is getting longer by the minute! So with some web stalking and some hair clip making skills I whipped her up a fun little clip and sent it on it's way.

A few days later I got a box in the mail, much larger than I would think you would need for a cute little hair accessory... turns out she not only sent me a cute headband, she sent me a fun hat too! I feel super spoiled!

So, here is the fun headband

And the hat!

I started feeling silly taking pictures of myself... can you tell!?! LOL!

This was super fun and will totally do it again if they do another one!
Here's a link to the party so you can check out all the other swaps!

Share Your Style


  1. Oh my goodness how adorable are you!! They look super cute on you! I am so behind on my post, but will get it done tomorrow. I've been in having medical tests and procedures done. :) I love mine too!!! so happy!!

  2. Wow, a hat too! that rocks!! ♥
    Both are so cute, as are you!

    Thanks so much for participating in the swap.



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