Friday... we meet again! Where has this week gone? Good thing I've taken photos, otherwise I might not remember! lol!

Our garden is BLOOMING!!!
Woke up to chickens in our yard one day! It was pretty fun!
Made the best veggie spaghetti ever!
Halloween goodies, which I still have TONS of! We got like 10 trick-or-treaters!
Dressed for the occasion and ready to eat little goblins!
This cat is a crack up!
Vegan sushi! So yummy!
They love our yard!
Spinach, apple and banana smoothie!
And pretzels... duh!
Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. new follower here :D I love your blog! you have such great pics :):) please come check out my blog and follow along if you like what you see :-D


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