Photo a Day April: week 1

Well, I didn't do an insta-Friday post this week, BUT I have been keeping up on my Photo a Day April challenge.  So, here are my photos from week 1.

Day 1: your reflection
I got to spend some time with the cutest nephew ever! So he made it into the mix.

Day 2: color
Pretty great color if you ask me. They are just itching to be made into something great!

Day 3:mail
Lucky me, I actually got something interesting looking that day!

Day 4: someone who makes you happy
My hubby of course!  I kinda cheated on this one... he wasn't actually home.
Ehh. still made me happy!

Day 5: tiny
This is a miniature dala horse my boss brought back from Sweden. So cute! and tiny!

Day 6: lunch
My indulgence... Chipotle! Veggie tacos of course!

Day 7: Shadow
I was kinda bummed all day because it was gloomy and I didn't think I'd get a good 'shadow' picture.  Then I was playing with Lilly and noticed how cute her shadow was!
Thank you sun!

That's all for now!  I'll post them up each week.
Anyone else taking the challenge? I'd love to see them!


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