It's Insta-Friday time!

So, I think I skipped this last week, so I'll play catch up.
Here is my last two weeks via Instagram {minus the photo challenge pics}

We went out, to a bar, late at night...that never happens! LOL! We are so old!
I DID get to curl up my hair though! Fun times! {it's getting so long! yay!}

Fun spring nails with some new colors!

Snack time!  This seriously was the biggest celery EVER!

A cute piece from the MIL's gallery.

Some AMAZING gluten free pancakes! So good!

Crazy skies the other day.  It was like the sky was split in half.  Day/night.

Took advantage of a great day last week and went on an adventure with Lilly.

This is how she snuggles.

...and this is how she sneak attacks!

Well, that wraps it up!  I'll post the photo a day pictures after tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


  1. you are GORGEOUS, and that celery is HUGE!!!!!

  2. Love your blog so freaking cute !!
    Love your pictures!!
    I have a May photo a day challenge coming up!! I hope you join in the fun!!!!

  3. I do enjoy your blog and ENVY your weather! Arizona sucks in the Summer! Waaaaa! Never mind, I'll be happy as soon as October ends....


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