It's been a while...

Wow!  I have been so busy that I haven't posted anything in over a week!
The last week of my life was all about the bridal shower for my cousin!
I must say it came together quite nicely.  I will have to show you all when I get pictures back.
In the mean time here is a quick shot I got with my phone.

 Now for some catch up! I have been {mostly} sticking to the photo a day challenge, and now I have two weeks to share!  So, here it goes!

Day 8: inside your wallet
Wish I could say it was full of cash, but it's not... just change!

Day 9: younger you
This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my cousin {the bride to be}
We spent so much time together when we were young, we're more like sisters.

Day 10: cold
Apparently this is my cold face. lol.

Day 11: where you ate breakfast
at work next to the window. 

Day 12: stairs
sitting waiting for the rain to start.

Day 13: something you found
this little one decided to go AWOL and was missing for a week.
He finally came back after the crazy thunder storms.

Day 14: how you feel today
Sassy. That is all.

Day 15 I spaced out and didn't get a picture of the sunset even though I was sitting outside staring at it! Fail!

Day 16: Flower
My new Gerbera Daisy plant! LOVE!

Day 17: something you don't like
running out of chocolate... it's a sad thing.

Day 18: hair
of course this would fall on a day I didn't do my hair, but whatevs.

Day 19: orange
isn't she cute! part of our shower decor.

Day 20: something you drew. I didn't space on this one, I was just too stinkin' busy!

Day 21: bottle
champagne bottles at the mimosa station.

Well, that's it for now.  Hopefully life will be less crazy... until the bachelorette party at least!


  1. wow, that bridal shower turned out amazing!
    and i suck at the photo a day things, so I don't even try anymore, lol!

  2. The shower looks amazing!! Did you buy the poms or did you make them? Gorgeous!

    It IS a sad day when the chocolate has run out.

  3. I have oatmeal and you just reminded me!

    And I added your button :)

  4. yo, check my blog xoxo


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